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Materra Connect

We redefine corporate and nonprofit collaborations

Our platform is your global bridge, linking companies and nonprofits in unique collaborations that transcend traditional CSR. These partnerships address environmental challenges, allowing both parties to achieve their shared goals

If your company aspires to boost its sustainability endeavors


If your nonprofit aims to maximize its environmental impact

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Project Check List

We ensure that the projects featured on our board meet several criteria that we consider crucial.

Measurable Impact

Clear Goals

Strong Track Record

Environmentally Beneficial


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How Does It Work?

Signing up for our services is a straightforward process. Companies seeking our expertise can explore our diverse board of environmental projects, selecting the one that resonates with their CSR goals. Following this, they simply contact us.


Our team is aiming to understand specific needs and tailor a comprehensive plan. From the very beginning, we prioritize client engagement and support, ensuring a seamless start to your environmental journey.

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